Risky Adventure

Risky Adventure cover art

Risky Adventure is a competitive dice allocation game with a twist. You must decide where to allocate the dice BEFORE you roll them. If you succeed, great! If you fail, a turn may be wasted. You begin the game with three adventurers so you can plan for some alternative outcomes to mitigate the risk. Your overall goal is to acquire victory points, but along the way, there are several chances to do other things needed to assist you on your journey.

How the game ends: The game can end in one of 3 ways, if all the gear is gone from camp, two expeditions are finished, or an excavation site is depleted. Highest score wins! 

My Review: My wife and I were REALLY looking forward to this one! We love worker placement games and my wife loves any game with dice rolling. When the game came (poorly shipped, which is an issue when ordering this one from Amazon) and we got the box into the best shape we could, we opened the game and began going through the rules. It's possible we just had some bad luck but once we made it through the awful rulebook and attempted to start, we weren't even sure we were playing right as we were not able to acquire any equipment of do any excavating as the needs were impossible, leaving us only the ability to complete the expeditions. 

Furthermore, you are supposed to flip the expeditions upside down and randomly choose which one to use first and second (you only use two), but since they are all very different in shape, the only way to be random would be to put them each in an envelope or something so they feel the same.

Needless to say, this game (which really isn't able to be resold because of the shipping, will likely sit and collect dust for years to come!

Overall Ratings:

Instructions: 1/10 The rules are pretty useless. While the book is high quality and there are color pictures, the content is not worth your time. Try to find a video for instructions.

Ease of Play: 2/10 If you figure out the rules, the play might be ok, but most complain the rules are so vague they just don't get it. We made it through about two rounds before giving up..

Components: 8/10 Components were pretty thick and solidly built..

Replay Value: 2/10 I really feel like this game would get old very quickly. If the expeditions were the same shape pieces, this might help. I don't think there is enough randomness (other than dice rolling) to keep it interesting for more than a few plays at best.. 

Overall: 3.25/10