Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories cover art

Ghost Stories is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players. 

Objective: Players try to protect the village from incarnations of Wu-Feng and his legions of ghosts before they haunt a town and recover the ashes that will allow him to return to life. Each player represents a Taoist monk working together with the others to fight off waves of ghosts.

This game seemed very highly touted by everyone from Board Game Geek to Dice Towers. However, my experience (with two players) was not so pleasant. I hear it is better with four (or playing two characters each) but have not tried that yet. Therefore, I will base my review only on my personal experiences.

We have tried to get this game to the table on multiple occasions but always found it too frustrating and gave up before turn 1. The setup instructions are not very clear (we utilized a You Tube video to set up our two player game after being unable to figure it out). The instructions do not get much clearer after that.

How to win: Players must defeat the incarnation of Wu-Feng, who arrives at the end of the game. 

How to lose: There are three ways to lose.

1. If three of the village's tiles are haunted

2. if the draw pile is emptied while the incarnation of Wu-Feng is still in play

3. if all the priests are dead

 My Review

I'm leaving this until I'm able to successfully play a game. I will probably pull the box out once my 9-5 job calms down. However, right now, it is not worth the work to try and figure out.

Overall Ratings:

Instructions: 3/10 The book is high quality but useless. It does not tell you what is what, and the instructions it does give are pretty useless. I recommend You Tube to learn more.

Ease of Play: 0/10 In two sessions, I have yet to take a turn.

Components: 5/10 Painted miniatures might help but overall the pieces are average.

Replay Value: 0/10 I may adjust this if I'm ever able to get it back to the table. 

Overall: 2/10