We The People Fight Tyranny

We The People Fight Tyranny box top

We the People Fight Tyranny takes an entertaining spin on learning about the history of the United States. Categories will challenge you on a wealth of topics from Religion to famous quotes. Each card has a multiple choice question on one side and a detailed answer with some type of photograph or artwork on the other.

However, you don't have to be the best at trivia to win. This game brings both luck and "good living" into the game with bonus points for things like having read the U.S. Constitution or eating dinner with your family!

 Now in full disclosure, we at the Lair of Games are affiliates of this game. However, we became affiliates only because we loved the game so much. The object of the game is simple: have the most stars when someone goes bankrupt. Let me explain. You start the game with someone choosing a career and a blue or red path for each player. Throughout the game, there are opportunities to change the path you are given. Each player starts going around the square outer portion of the board. Each time around, instead of gaining money like most games do, you actually lose half of your money. Once you are out of money, you must move to the inner circle, mortgage your house and continue until that money is gone as well. Once someone runs out of money, the player with the most "stars" is the winner.

How to get stars

There are lots of ways to get stars in this game. Answering questions, winning them through good deeds or deals, even helping others (or getting help from others) to answer questions can earn you stars. There are even questions where everyone BUT you answers. If they get it right, you win too!

My Review

This game is a lot of fun. However, if you do not look at things from the perspective of a conservative or constitutionalist, you may not find it so amusing. The humor of the game definitely has a right of center lean, but if that is your thing and you enjoy history and/or trivia, this is a must have in your collection. We actually used it in our house to help our son with his home school education.

Overall Ratings:

Instructions: 10/10 The game is very self-explanatory.

Ease of Play: 9/10 Again, the rules are pretty simple. The only hard part is remembering that you go one way around the outside of the board and the opposite direction around the inside.

Components: 5/10 Just ordinary stuff, nothing work writing home about.

Replay Value: 8/10 There are a large variety of questions and it would take many games to get through them all. However, no matter how random you are, there will be repeat questions that seem to come up every time. This could begin to give a bit of a "home field advantage" to someone who has played it more.

Overall: 8/10